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Center Introduction

To showcase the university faculties that have the characteristics of and comply with license era, the main objective of serving officers to enhance education and promote the licenses reflux counseling.

And promote the concept of lifelong learning, and create a lifelong learning environment, in order to train professionals to enhance the employability and competitiveness of our students and community residents. 

In addition, each department by the school teachers and the excellent teaching facilities, the creation of credit courses and professional training courses and certificates, providing people sharing learning resources, and then reach forward lifelong education and lifelong learning goals.


Training policy

First, market-oriented, customized, differentiated, commercialization of curriculum planning system, to implement learning to use one strategy.

Second, the combination of the various faculties of the university educational resources, with the goal of promoting the completion of adult education centers.

Third, push handle the credit community classes and non-credit classes, conduct planning for lifelong education.

Fourth, the combination of production, learning and educational resources and training, improve the competitiveness of the trainees in the workplace, to achieve the purpose of lifelong education.